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Having a baby is a time of excitement and anticipation both before and after baby arrives. This is a time when responsibilities and developing new skills can be challenging even for the most well prepared new parents.

When a baby is born he must adapt to his new world and will be comforted by familiar sensations experienced in the womb. Warmth – close to his mother’s body in skin to skin contact. Security – contained in soft wraps and held in loving arms. Nurture – receiving food as frequently as he seeks it – warm, nutritious and sweet breastmilk and the delicious comfort of suckling mother’s breast. Movement and soft sounds– gentle rocking and swaying simulating mother’s movements as she went about her day whilst pregnant, and the soft vibrations and sounds of her voice. Light, sound, touch, pain, clothing, poos and wees, sucking, swallowing and breathing are all new experiences for baby. It should not be surprising that baby takes some time to adapt to these new sensations and needs to revisit the familiar comforts often for reassurance that all is well in this new strange world.

New Baby 101 App and Book helps new parents to prepare for baby’s arrival as well as provides information and strategies to assist parents through the early weeks at home. The App answers more than 50 Frequently Asked Questions and includes videos “How to Change Baby’s Nappy” and “How to Swaddle Baby Safely”. New Baby 101 Book covers all 9 topics in full text plus videos about Breastfeeding, Bathing and Folding Cloth Nappies.


Like to know about Breastfeeding? “Some Commonly Overlooked Breastfeeding Basics”

Like to know more about Circumcision of Baby Boys? “Circumcision of Baby Boys”


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New Baby 101 App and Book will help you give your baby a wonderful start because it will boost your own confidence and your baby will sense this. If you are feeling a little uncertain at any time, instead of looking at each other and wondering “what the hell do we do now?” a quick check will set you back on track. You will be able to relax, knowing that everything here is evidence based, written by a highly qualified health professional who cares deeply for new parents and babies. Above all, everything Lois Wattis recommends is kind and respectful to you and your baby and it will empower you to be the parents you want to be. Love, laugh and enjoy. And please remember to be as gentle to your beloved and yourself as you are to your baby. Best wishes on this wonderful journey. Pinky.

Download the free New Baby 101 App to view videos – “How to Change Your Baby’s Nappy” and “How to Swaddle Your Baby Safely”.   New Baby 101 videos can also be viewed on NewBaby101 YouTube Channel!