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Breastfeeding Help

Available in person or online, Lois provides breastfeeding support & expertise in the following areas:

Getting off to the best possible start

  • Antenatal education and realistic expectations
  • Twins, triplets
  • Addressing previous breastfeeding problems

Establishing Lactation

  • Delayed or insufficient milk supply
  • Impact of breast surgeries
  • Diabetes, PCOS, postpartum haemorrhage
  • Engorgement, oversupply
  • Expressing breastmilk for baby, Paced Bottle Feeding

Learning to latch baby comfortably

Infant Tongue Tie

Assessment & Treatment:

Lois has advanced clinical skills for assessment and treatment of tongue tie in infants. Lois is medically accredited to perform the surgical release of an infant’s restrictive tongue frenulum (called frenotomy).  Lois also provides expert feeding support in her Tongue Tie Clinic working collaboratively with Paediatric ENT Dr David McIntosh.

Parents of babies/infants seeking assessment and treatment of tongue tie can self-refer – simply call 07 5451 0333.

Unsettled Babies

  • Cluster feeding, colic symptoms – crying
  • Survival skills and Settling strategies
  • Baby wearing
  • Growth/development and sleep expectations

Poor Infant Weight Gains

  • Excessive initial weight loss and recovery
  • Neonatal jaundice
  • Poor milk transfer
  • Prematurity, supplementary feeding
  • Liaison with GPs, Paediatricians, ENTs as needed.

Maintaining Lactation and Breastfeeding Harmony

  • Mastitis – treatment and recovery
  • Distracted babies (too busy to breastfeed!)
  • Perceived low milk supply, breast preference
  • Return of periods
  • Gentle weaning, planning another baby

Get the support you need. Health fund rebates may be available.
Choose one of the packages below:

Once you’ve purchased one of our breastfeeding support packages Lois will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange your first session. Alternatively you can call Lois on 0404 857 272.

Free 15 Min Consult
No obligation 15 minute consult
At a time convenient for you
Per Consult
45 Minute Online Consultation
45 min session with Lois via whatsapp, skype or zoom
Complimentary copy of New Baby 101 e-Book
Unlimited access to 2 video tutorials – breastfeeding and latching
Per Visit
In Person Consultation
1 to 2 hours in own home
Sunshine Coast Only (Cooroy to Landsborough) Note: Beyond this zone fee will be $250
Unlimited ongoing support: phone / text / email
Package Cost
In Person Babymoon Package
Antenatal home visit: personal assessment, education & resources (includes New Baby 101 Book)
Sunshine Coast only
Post Natal Visit (in hospital or at home): Breastfeeding support & newborn latching video.
Unlimited ongoing support: phone / text / email

Where's The Manual??!

Funny you should ask! Lois has written “New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents” which cuts through all the misinformation and unreliable advice offered to new parents, providing simple and practical guidance to help you through the early weeks and months.

Available in hard copy or as an eBook

  • An informative, practical and easy to read guide to baby’s first 3 months
  • Filters through the noise, overwhelm and misinformation from unreliable sources and gives you sensible, practical information in language that is easy to understand
  • Only book of it’s kind written by an experienced and highly respected Midwife and Lactation Consultant
  • All advice and information is based on reliable evidence and research, and Lois’s common sense approach gained from over 20 years in public and private practice
  • Lois Wattis’s work has been published internationally in professional midwifery journals
  • Endorsed by International Childbirth Education Association and Australian College of Midwives


Buy e-Book – $9.95Buy paperback – $24.50 (includes P&H)

"The greatest joy is nursing one's own baby. The second greatest is helping another woman to nurse hers." - Norma Woolf Ritter