Are you a new parent? If you are, you’ll know how many things you don’t know about looking after a brand new baby. So who do you turn to?

According to local midwife Lois Wattis – it’s not only books anymore – there’s now an App for those FAQs .



UK Professional Journal The Practising Midwife, April 2001 Research & Review: “The Third Stage Maze – Which Practice Pathway for Optimum Outcomes” Author – Lois Wattis.

Informed Choice Vol. 2 No. 2 2004 “There’s no place like home … for birthing”, Author – Lois Wattis, Australian and New Zealand national distribution

Pregnancy and Birth, March/April 2005 Feature Article: Birth Options “Where have all the Homebirths gone?” Story of my client Kym Dobby “Why I gave birth at home”

Tummy Talk – 2006/2007 Active Birth, Taranaki (New Zealand) “Signposts for the Third Stage – Making Informed Choices”
Author – Lois Wattis

Natural Parenting, Autumn 2003 “The Third Stage of Labour – A Midwife’s Perspective”
Author – Lois Wattis

“The Third Stage Maze” article was reprinted as a chapter in “Midwifery Best Practice 2” Section 5 – Labour and Birth, edited by Sara Wickham, Elsevier Science, UK, 2004.

Birth Journey Community Resources Calendar 2005 Created by Lois Wattis featuring Lois’ photos of clients’ birthjourneys.

Australian Midwifery News – Australian College of Midwives Vol.7 No.3 – Spring 2007
Feature “The third stage of labour – leave well alone”. I was invited to write for ACMI’s national journal on the subject of Informed choices for the third stage and my article is titled “Completing the birth journey”.

“With Women” Midwives’ Experience: From shiftwork to continuity of care edited by David Vernon is a collection of stories describing the heart of midwifery: one-to-one care. Writing my chapter titled “A Birthjourney” was a cathartic experience for me, and I’m honoured to be included among this ‘who’s who’ of Australian Midwives.

GNT PEOPLE – Episode 150 26/10/2004 : HOMEBIRTH COUPLE
Lois Wattis appears on ABC TV in the George Negus Tonight show, presented by Jane Cunningham.


Perth Woman, Autumn 2004 Career & Finance Feature Article “More than a Job”
Accredited Independent Practising Midwife, Lois Wattis

National Spotlight on Home Births (Mandurah Mail, Oct. 14, 2004)

Midwife of the Year Awards
The Community Midwifery Program WA received the highest number of nominations for Midwife of the Year among all organisations (including major hospitals) in WA in 2004. CMP Midwife Laraine Hood received the most nominations overall, and Lois Wattis received the second highest number of nominations.
Laraine and Lois are pictured with Johnson’s representative and CMP Manager Lesley Kuliukas at Parliament House Perth where a reception was held for the presentation.

CMP Midwife Mary Murphy was awarded WA Midwife of the Year and Australian Midwife of the Year in 2006.


Childbirth in the Press

Pregnant women are to be advised to give birth at home as part of a revolution in childbirth policy that will reverse decades of medical convention. Patricia Hewitt, the Secretary of State for Health, is to ‘challenge the assumption’, prevalent since the 1970s, that the safest place to give birth is in hospital and that home births can be dangerous. In what is being billed as a historic shift in the politics of childbirth, doctors will be told to offer all pregnant women the chance to deliver their baby at home with the help of a midwife and their own choice of pain relief.
– Article in The Independent, May 15, 06

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