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January 2017   Studio 10 TV –  New Baby 101 App & eBook  


8th June 2020 – Radio Interview (ABC Radio – Annie Gaffney)

Publications & Presentations

June 2020  Australian Dental Association –  ANKYLOGLOSSIA Consensus statement PDF  Lois represented the Australian College of Midwives on the multidisciplinary panel appointed by ADA to collaboratively address concerns regarding the excessive diagnosis and treatment of Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie) in Australia and related adverse outcomes.  Lois represented ACM in media responses about this important document.  Read more here

August 2019  Australian College of Midwives & Speech Pathology Australia – Collaborative online educational webinar for health professionals examining the evidence related to the Assessment and Treatment of Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie).  Lois co-presented this 90 minute live event with Emma Necus. Recording available here

September 2018  Parole De Sages-Femmes “Portrait of Lois, Australian Midwife”  Read the English translation of the article here

September 2018  Chemical Free Community: WaterWipes… Not Just For Luscious Baby Bottoms! Read the article here

August 2018   Live interview on USA Radio  Born to Breastfeed with Marie Biancuzzo  Labour and Birth in Water: The Impact for Breastfeeding  – Lois Wattis.  Listen here

June 2018  Women’s Health Today  Induction of Labour – What Do Pregnant Women Need to Know? Author Lois Wattis.   Read the article here

June 2018 – Eczema Association of Australia Community Information – All You Need for Winter’s Eczema Flare-Up.  Read the article here

June 2018 – Babyology: Gently Does It – WaterWipes are the Worlds Purest Baby Wipes. Read the article here

2018 The Carousel – The Breastfeeding Series Part 1: What to expect in the first days after Baby is Born. Read the article here

2018 The Carousel – How to Breastfeed Comfortably – for both Mother and Baby Read the article here

2018 The Carousel – Breastfeeding:  Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? Read the article here

2018 The Carousel – Oh, Baby Poo! The Nitty Gritty of Monitoring Your Baby’s Output  Read the article here

2018 The Carousel – Circumcision for Baby Boys: What this Midwife wants you to know  Read the article here

2018 The Carousel – My Baby is Jaundiced: What should I do? The answer is here

2018 The Carousel – Do I need to Burp my Baby after every feed? The surprising answer is here

2018 The Carousel – How do I know my Breastfed Baby is Getting Enough Food?  Read the article here

November 2017  New Idea/Practical Parenting – What to Buy for a Newborn Baby  Read the article here

March 2017 Natural Parent Magazine – Baby Care –  Baby’s Winter Skin Savers  Read the article here

March 2017  Australian Breastfeeding Review “Three Experienced Lactation Consultants reflect upon the Oral Tie Phenomenon”  Authors: Wattis, Lois, Kam, Renee, Douglas, Pamela    Lois Wattis (Lead Author)   Read the article here

January 2017 Made For Madison: interview with Lois Wattis  Read the article here

December 2016 – Lois presents the PURE LOVE video in Sydney – on behalf of WaterWipes View here

September 2016 – Practical Parenting – How Much Stuff Does a Newborn Really Need? Read the article here

October 2015  “Mother’s urge to kiss baby” message goes viral on Facebook Read the article here

April 2015 Mamamia  Parents “It feels like you’re alone, struggling through a feed at 2am. You’re Not. Read the article here

November 2014  Pregnancy – Preparing your child to attend their sibling’s birth  Read the article here

July 2014 – My Child Magazine  A-Z of Baby Care by Lois Wattis  pp114-126  Read the article here

2014 – Yours magazine – “How to be a great Grandparent”  by Lois Wattis (Terri Irwin on Cover)

June 2014 – Kidspot Birth The Frightening Facts about blood loss during labour and what you can do to help   Read the article here

May 2014  She Knows  Baby’s first year – Your baby’s sleep needs  Lois Wattis. Read the article here

 October 2010 Your Pregnancy – Alternative Techniques for Birth –  Birth in Water – Lois Wattis View the full article here

September 2007 Australian Midwifery News – Australian College of Midwives Vol.7 No.3 – Spring 2007 Feature “The third stage of labour – leave well alone”. I was invited to write for ACMI’s national journal on the subject of informed choices for the third stage and my article is titled “Completing the birth journey”.

June 2007  “With Women” Midwives’ Experience: From shiftwork to continuity of care edited by David Vernon is a collection of stories describing the heart of midwifery: one-to-one care. Writing my chapter titled “A Birthjourney” was a cathartic experience for me, and I’m honoured to be included among this ‘who’s who’ of Australian Midwives.

December 2006  Tummy Talk –  Active Birth, Taranaki (New Zealand) “Signposts for the Third Stage – Making Informed Choices”  Author – Lois Wattis

March 2005  Pregnancy and Birth  Feature Article: Birth Options “Where have all the Homebirths gone?” Story of my client Kym Dobby “Why I gave birth at home”

October 2004 – GNT PEOPLE – Episode 150 26/10/2004 : HOMEBIRTH COUPLE. Lois Wattis appears on ABC TV in the George Negus Tonight show, presented by Jane Cunningham. ABC Film crew attended Jenny’s antenatal visits with Lois and were present to record the waterbirth of Jenny’s baby boy, amidst a huge thunderstorm in Rockingham, WA.

September 2004  Midwife of the Year Awards
The Community Midwifery Program WA received the highest number of nominations for Midwife of the Year among all organisations (including major hospitals) in WA in 2004. CMP Midwife Laraine Hood received the most nominations overall, and Lois Wattis received the second highest number of nominations.
Laraine and Lois are pictured with Johnson’s representative and CMP Manager Lesley Kuliukas at Parliament House Perth where a reception was held for the presentation.

2004  “The Third Stage Maze” article was reprinted as a chapter in “Midwifery Best Practice 2″ Textbook  Section 5 – Labour and Birth, edited by Sara Wickham, Elsevier Science, UK, 2004.

March 2004  Informed Choice Vol. 2 No. 2 2004 “There’s no place like home … for birthing”, Author – Lois Wattis, Australian and New Zealand national distribution

February 2004  Perth Woman, Autumn  Career & Finance Feature Article “More than a Job”  ACM Accredited Independent Practising Midwife, Lois Wattis

2003  Natural Parenting  Autumn “The Third Stage of Labour – A Midwife’s Perspective”   Author – Lois Wattis

April 2001  The Practising Midwife  Research & Review: “The Third Stage Maze – Which Practice Pathway for Optimum Outcomes” Author – Lois Wattis. (UK Professional Midwifery Journal)